GM Mark Wiley 


A Way to Learn Eskrima That Actually WORKS… The Way Eskrima Should!

“Grandmaster Mark Wiley’s DLP is the best. It is informative and to the point, he takes you from basic concepts and principles and first makes you proficient with the solo baston and then takes you into other weapons. His approach is so well thought out that only without practice can you not succeed in upping your game. I highly recommend his DLP! Learn why his DLP and training methodologies will change your skills and knowledge base!”

—Sifu Robert Chu

Author of Complete Wing Chun

Sifu Robert Chu

“Integrated Eskrima is skill-based, principle-driven, and logically-progressive. I can’t recommend this highly enough to anyone who has dabbled in Filipino Martial Arts and would like to take their skills to a whole new level. Guro Mark’s approach is clear, progressive, logically-sound, results in useful skills, and is principle-driven from start to finish.”

— Sensei Russ L. Smith

Author of Principle-Driven Skill Development

“Structure, alignment, angling, flow, timing, movement, distancing, recognition, leveraging, sensitivity and coordinated motion are all key principles of the Filipino martial arts and are found within disarms. THIS is what makes Mark V. Wiley’s new book so interesting, as these details are explained in vast detail!”

— Prof. Dan Anderson

Author, Modern Arnis for the Millennium

Nelson Pinto

“Well can I can say, so much indeed!!! This online distance program offers you a possibility to train with one of the best in the FMA World, a researcher and as a martial artist. The Program is super structured and highly organized, with video, texts and manuals, it’s easy to follow and learn. Grand Master Wiley has a plethora of knowledge that was acquired from his FMA teachers, trips to Philippines and research, all in one, free of politics and with an amazing result! Integrated Eskrima!!!

— Master Nelson Pinto

Korean Martial Arts Teacher

Mark Wiley Bio Image

Hi, I’m Guro Mark V. Wiley

After 35 years of research, trial and error, making every possible mistake I could make as an eskrimador, and earning my way with every bump, bruise, and cut, I finally developed a training system to take an eskrimador's training to a completely different level, get them unstuck from their current level, and, most importantly, help them win when they spar.

Calling it Integrated Eskrima, I assembled this system after travelling, sweating, and bleeding in the United States and every square inch of the Philippines that I could fly, ride, and climb to, learning and experiencing as many systems of FMA as possible, 

When asked why I developed the system, I simply reply, “The modern ‘if/then’ technique-based approach does not help practitioners actually apply the principles or training methods of Eskrima in a combat-effective way.” Tired of how classical training methods never seemed to help me understand the concepts behind the art's application in real time, I set out to put together a new approach. A teaching method called Integrated Modular Training (IMT) wrapped around a principles-based FMA system I call Integrated Eskrima.

This system makes training plateaus a small issue in the rearview mirror as practitioners finally develop their own style in eskrima, like I did.

I welcome you to join my group and thank you for allowing me the opportunity to guide your development in FMA.